Helping companies grow their business in French

Good French leads to good business, and FIG helps its clients achieve success in French-speaking markets by providing sound advice and translations that support their marketing efforts.
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Professional translation for companies looking to expand in Quebec

French Translation Services

Translation and Adaptation

Advisory Services

  • How to comply with Quebec’s Charter of the French Language (Bill 101)
  • Evaluation of translation and francization costs
  • Assistance with obtaining a francization certificate
  • Assistance with the integration of the French language into your business activities

Quebec Market Positioning

Auxiliary Services

  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading

Translation for businesses

English to French
Quality work
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About Us

  • We are a team of translators and marketers
  • We are specialized in the Quebec and French Canadian market
  • All translations are adapted and proofread
  • Our translators are handpicked and always improving
  • We can be reached in a heartbeat
  • We support the business development of our clients
  • We are the guardians of your French identity in Quebec
  • We offer measurable value

Businesses we’ve worked with

  • Several national retailers
  • Major national insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • A B2B consulting firm
  • A large real estate broker
  • Small and medium-sized organizations

Francization is more than just translation

  • Build customer and employee affinity
  • Drive incremental sales
  • Support multilingual infrastructure required for international expansion
  • Enrich company culture
  • Enhance reputation
  • Reduce risk

We have the experience you need with Quebec’s Charter of the French language

We have a unique understanding of the requirements of Quebec’s Charter of the French language
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English to French translation services

Companies that Gained a French Voice Through Us

The North Face

 The North Face logo

“For years, our brand struggled to find its voice for the Quebec marketplace. We had worked with services both large and small, who just were not organized enough to handle the amount of content we needed, or delivered an embarrassingly poor quality of translation.

Francisation InterGlobe has provided us with the tools to elevate and amplify our voice with confidence. Meticulously they’re able to provide more than just translation; they are able to craft a tone and formulate a position on point for the market while providing top-notch service and on time delivery. Fully immersed in the brand, Francisation InterGlobe has become an extension of our marketing team. Enough cannot be said about their passion and their expertise.”

Corey Stecker, Director of Marketing – The North Face (Canada)

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-op logo

“The input and counsel from Louise Arbique and Marc Blais provided a significant contribution to Mountain Equipment Co-op’s arrival in Quebec. Their deep knowledge of Quebec and Quebecers helped create a strong connection to MEC while ensuring a quality of French above and beyond expectations. And, as indicated by a member of the Quebec government, Francisation InterGlobe helped Mountain Equipment Co-op become the most Québécois of English Canadian companies. As a result, the number of members in Quebec grew quickly along with their sense of belonging to the cooperative.”

Patrick Tremblay, Store Group Manager – Mountain Equipment Co-op

Lee Valley

Lee Valley Tools logo

“We chose Francisation InterGlobe because of its passion and reputation for producing high-quality work. (…) We are thankful to Francisation InterGlobe for adding its marketing flair to our publications and for helping support our marketing objectives. We receive regular accolades from customers who show appreciation for the high quality of the French utilized on our website and in our publications.”

The Lee Valley Tools Team

The Guarantee

The Guarantee Insurance Company Logo

“I would like to acknowledge the progress that the lexicon created by Francisation InterGlobe represents in our efforts to establish linguistically credible equivalents in French. Thanks to the valuable assistance and expertise provided by Francisation InterGlobe, in less than a year, we accomplished more than we ever did before.”

Christopher Campbell, Vice President, Corporate Insurance –
The Guarantee

Success Stories from Our Clients


Consulting services for a financial institution

  • 1. To optimize in-house translation services
  • 2. To make sure offer and infrastructure met the expectations and requirements of the Quebec market
  • 3. Improve the company’s image in Quebec

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Canadian retail business that ventured into the Quebec market

  • 1. To comply with language regulations
  • 2. To advise on the French language strategy to put in place for Quebec stores
  • 3. To leverage French language investment as a promotional opportunity

The North Face

Website translation of a California-based company

  • 1. To ensure quality communication with customers in French
  • 2. To create a strong reputation with French-speaking clientele
  • 3. To create a comprehensive English to French lexicon

Lee Valley Tools

Translation and marketing of an eCommerce website

  • 1. To translate and adapt entire content of the website
  • 2. To create a French voice for the company
  • 3. To create a collection of terms that can ensure consistency in all future translations

Some of our clients

North FaceNotre mandat pour Mountain Equipment Co-opLee Valley ToolsLa GarantieCo-operators

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