Successful Translation Management: Interview with Mathieu Brisset

Interview with Francisation Interglobe vice-president Mathieu Brisset

The style guide: a natural complement to the lexicon

The lexicon becomes even more powerful when backed up by a specialized style guide, tailored to your company.

The lexicon: your French language building block par excellence

Our French market adaptation and copywriting services include the creation of a lexicon whose aim is to document and ensure the uniformity of the vocabulary selected for your French language communications

A few translation bloopers

Hasty or ill-prepared translations can damage an organization’s image in the francophone market.

Discounted Translation Services Are More Expensive Than You Think

Using a discounted translation service is a double edged sword where every pros and cons must be considered

Are Web-Based Translation Tools Reliable?

We have tested various machine-based translation tools. Which one is the best?

Machine translation vs human translation

What are the benefits and disadvantages of machine translation? Efficient but lacks creativity. Which is better?

Our founder and former president aims for the mayor’s office in Val-David

LOUISE ARBIQUE AND HER TEAM AIMING FOR THE MAYOR’S OFFICE IN VAL-DAVID IN THE NOVEMBER 2017 ELECTION An obliging team in tune with the citizens’needs! Val-David (QC) – Louise Arbique will be running for the mayor’s office in the Val-David 2017 municipal election, supported by an eager and hard-working team. This crew is comprised of […]

Happy Holidays From FIG!

Happy Holidays From Francisation InterGlobe!

A New Era

Dear FIG friends, From 2002 to 2007, I was overseeing the francization process for Canada’s largest outdoor equipment co-op, better known as Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). In order to engage its burgeoning francophone clientele, the organization had decided to invest millions in a high-quality, French communication strategy. It got me to introduce a novel approach […]

JanSport: Ready for the back-to-school season… in Quebec!

The ubiquitous backpack manufacturer Jansport is eyeing its francophone clientele by putting out a fresh new French version of its website

Francisation InterGlobe Has Moved To A New Address!

Francisation InterGlobe has moved into a century-old building facing the famed Parc Lafontaine, a few blocks aways from Montréal’s downtown area

Living in Montreal

Home to friendly locals and a thriving nightlife, this Canadian metropolis is surprisingly affordable and only a short drive from the great outdoors.

5 Ways To Penetrate The Quebec Market

Jean-Guy Latulippe quoted in an interesting article.

Some of our clients

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