A few translation bloopers

Hasty or ill-prepared translations can damage an organization’s image in the francophone market.

Are Web-Based Translation Tools Reliable?

We have tested various machine-based translation tools. Which one is the best?

Our founder and former president aims for the mayor’s office in Val-David

LOUISE ARBIQUE AND HER TEAM AIMING FOR THE MAYOR’S OFFICE IN VAL-DAVID IN THE NOVEMBER 2017 ELECTION An obliging team in tune with the citizens’needs! Val-David (QC) – Louise Arbique will be running for the mayor’s office in the Val-David 2017 municipal election, supported by an eager and hard-working team. This crew is comprised of […]

Happy Holidays From FIG!

Happy Holidays From Francisation InterGlobe!

A New Era

Dear FIG friends, From 2002 to 2007, I was overseeing the francization process for Canada’s largest outdoor equipment co-op, better known as Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). In order to engage its burgeoning francophone clientele, the organization had decided to invest millions in a high-quality, French communication strategy. It got me to introduce a novel approach […]

JanSport: Ready for the back-to-school season… in Quebec!

The ubiquitous backpack manufacturer Jansport is eyeing its francophone clientele by putting out a fresh new French version of its website

Francisation InterGlobe Has Moved To A New Address!

Francisation InterGlobe has moved into a century-old building facing the famed Parc Lafontaine, a few blocks aways from Montréal’s downtown area

Living in Montreal

Home to friendly locals and a thriving nightlife, this Canadian metropolis is surprisingly affordable and only a short drive from the great outdoors.

5 Ways To Penetrate The Quebec Market

Jean-Guy Latulippe quoted in an interesting article.

Some of our clients

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