An obliging team in tune with the citizens’needs!

Val-David (QC) – Louise Arbique will be running for the mayor’s office in the Val-David 2017 municipal election, supported by an eager and hard-working team. This crew is comprised of three current independent city councillors– Manon Paquin, Ghislaine Boisclair and Alain Tousignant—, along with well-known educator and environmental advocate Jean-François Giasson and two other candidates to be announced shortly.

Together, the well-rounded and enthusiastic bunch looks forward to do its very best and serve the citizens’ interests by facilitating their requests.

“I’ve decided to announce early on my decision to run with my team because, from the get-go, we want to get out and meet with our fellow citizens, to consult with them on what they wish for—not only their comments, but their needs and their vision for Val-David”, explains Arbique. “Our program will come afterwards. We truly want to improve the quality of life for our community, by lending an open ear to its requests and offering a quick response once we’ve been elected”.

Born and raised in Val-David, author and scriptwriter Louise Arbique has worked in the film and television industry for nearly 20 years, with extensive travels throughout the province of Quebec. Her achievements have received many national and international acclaims, notably Gémeaux awards for her television craft. In 2002, she moved to Vancouver to work her magic with Canadian outdoor gear leader Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), acting as Marketing and Francization director in preparation for the brand’s arrival on the Quebec market. Her creativity and broad knowledge of the local culture and values enabled the organization to achieve rapid and whopping success in the new linguistic environment. Five years later, she transformed this winning endeavour into a business idea. Since 2007, Francisation InterGlobe (FIG) aims at helping foreign businesses to successfully enter the Quebec market through usage of proper French communications.

Newly retired, Louise Arbique is a natural leader who knows the value of good teamwork, with a proven record of succeeding in her undertakings. One of her favorite dictum goes like this: “If you want to go fast, go solo. If you want to go far, rally up”.