At Francisation InterGlobe, we’ve developed a disciplined approach to working with our clients – one with structure but lots of room to adapt to the unique requirements of each project. We call it “adaptive project management,” and it provides the starting point for defining how we work together.

Engage client in a discovery discussion

We start our engagements with curiosity. We like to ask lots of questions so that we understand our client’s intentions. The more we define their specific objectives, the more effective we are with our services. And the more satisfied are our clients.

That discovery process typically starts with an in–depth orientation session. We lead clients through a series of discussions that explore the various dimensions of francization – from human resources and IT to marketing and supply chain management. That way, we enable a more seamless customer experience on opening day and throughout the year.

Conduct inventory of existing English resources

Even before we develop a specific strategy, we work with clients to prepare an inventory of existing English resources, driven by the objectives uncovered during discovery. We work collaboratively to itemize and place in order everything that needs to be translated. That process generates a total prioritized word count that is matched against the available timeframe to generate a scope of work and budget.

Prepare francization strategy

Drawing on our expertise and what we’ve uncovered to this point, we prepare a francization strategy. We document how best to meet the requirements of Quebec’s Charter of the French Language, translate and adapt your documents and materials, and generate marketing benefits from your francization efforts.

The strategy assures you will:

  • Communicate to customers and stakeholders in quality French
  • Create a strong reputation for consistent, quality French adaptation
  • Comply with all relevant regulations and receive a francization certificate
  • Build enduring French adaptation processes
  • Attract qualified staff who live the company values
  • Support broader business goals

Prepare project plan

Once the strategy is approved, we prepare a project plan that describes how we’ll get the job done in the time available. It includes lots of milestones to track progress and make sure we meet various delivery deadlines. The project manager who works with you updates and refines the plan as the project proceeds. It’s all part of the adaptive project management we described earlier.

Build the project backbone

We subscribe to the philosophy that good planning leads to good results. So, as a final step before we actually begin French adaptation, we set up the necessary infrastructure to support the entire project. That includes a lexicon tailored to your organization’s sector, relevant dictionaries and terminology, and verification sources.

Begin adaptation

From here, we begin the process of working with your source materials as we guide them through several steps to arrive at the final copy. That includes an initial translation into French, further adaptation to ensure your communications send the intended message, then a final review and edit phase.

Review plan regularly and refine as required

Conditions change. We know this, so we continually return to the plan and refine it to make sure we meet the deadline.

Of course, the nuances and details of how our task are more complex. We invite you to test drive our services to uncover the full depth and breadth of our approach. We think you’ll be thrilled with the results.