Francisation InterGlobe is led by seven professional translators with a multidisciplinary approach to francization. From translation and popular culture to marketing and technology, they understand the pulse of Quebec and how to best adapt your communications for the market.

Our leadership team is supported by a professional team of translators, marketers and cultural specialists who ensure our work resonates with francophones in Quebec and beyond.

Louise Arbique, Founder

A French language specialist and author, Louise Arbique brings Francisation InterGlobe’s clients over 30 years of broad experience in writing, communications, francization, linguistic marketing and business development.

After 20 years of screenwriting for television and film (winner of a « Prix coup de coeur », France, in 1994 and a Gemini Award in 1996), and then penning several biographies, Louise opened Rédactions Louise Arbique, a communications agency whose mission was to help companies improve their brand image and stand out from the competition through the quality of their French language communications.

In 2002, Canada’s largest retail cooperative, Mountain Equipment Co–op (MEC), asked Louise to supervise their francization efforts with a view to positioning it as the leader in the French language market in Quebec. Once this was accomplished, Louise decided to make this highly successful recipe available to other companies wishing to do business in Quebec.

Louise has always believed that the quality of the written word mirrors the true nature and scope of a company. She has concentrated her efforts on finding just the right words for each company and its unique situation. That’s how she’s been able to create profound and long–lasting links between companies and their Quebec customer base.

Inspired by MEC’s highly successful francization, Louise created the concept of linguistic marketing, which she continues to promote under the Francisation InterGlobe banner.

Louise can be reached by phone at 514-436-1868, or by email at

Fields of expertise

  • Corporate francization
  • Linguistic marketing and non–traditional marketing
  • Quebec market positioning
  • Brand development

Jean–Guy Latulippe, President

A skilled manager with a strong grasp of his métier, Jean–Guy Latulippe brings Francisation InterGlobe’s clients over 30 years of diversified experience in the fields of communications, marketing, business development and training. A naturally optimistic person who’s able to transfer his confidence to others, Jean–Guy is known for his fine sense of organization, attention to detail, multidisciplinary skills, and his talent for transforming problems into opportunities.

Whether as marketing director for a law firm, research director for a professional training firm or communications coordinator for companies in the industrial sector, Jean–Guy has managed numerous francization projects, highlighting his capacity for analysis and talent as a communicator.

Among his many accomplishments, Jean–Guy has managed the complete francization of a website for a national law firm; led the francization efforts of several major American retailers; designed and implemented a document management and francization project for a major heavy equipment dealer; and coordinated the linguistic adaptation of numerous training programs in the fields of management, communications and sales.

Jean-Guy can be reached by phone at 514-544-4946, 1-888-509-2722, and 514-928-4154, or by email at

Fields of expertise

  • Strategic analysis: customers, competitors, positioning, action plans
  • Design, writing and production of various documents: brochures, presentations, proposals, websites, internal communications
  • Website Translation Services
  • Design of training programs and materials
  • Management of projects and multidisciplinary teams
  • Analysis and ongoing improvement of business processes and work methods

Marc Blais, Vice President

A communications, research and training specialist, Marc Blais is an award–winning teacher, explorer, filmmaker, producer, lecturer, and television host. In 1996, along with Louise Arbique, he co–founded Rédactions Louise Arbique, a communications agency whose mission was to help companies improve their brand image and stand out from the competition through the quality of their French language communications. As Vice President, Marc was in charge of all writing and translation activities.

From 2002 to 2007, Marc joined Mountain Equipment Co–op (MEC) as Chief Editor and was rapidly promoted to French Communications and Business Development Manager. While at MEC, he developed a marketing–specific language that contributed to MEC’s standing apart from its competitors and becoming a market leader in Quebec. Marc set up numerous partnerships with local companies and cooperatives, built strong and lasting relationships, and promoted MEC’s corporate image in the remotest areas of Quebec. Marc was also MEC’s French spokesperson on sustainability in Quebec.

Throughout his time with MEC, Marc oversaw the quality of all translated materials while coaching translators and ensuring their approach was based on overall meaning rather than literal translation, thus improving the quality of MEC’s entire French language communications.

Marc graduated in sciences (Physical Education) from Université de Montréal and taught at high school and college levels for 15 years, followed by an intensive career in both visual and written communications. Marc is a well-known figure in the world of rock climbing and expedition skiing, contributing to furthering new standards for these sports in Quebec.

Marc can be reached by email at

Fields of expertise

  • Translation
  • Linguistic marketing and communications
  • Business development
  • Implementation of highly effective translation processes
  • On-site training (French language courses)

Mathieu Brisset, Vice President

After completing his studies in the field of communications, Mathieu worked as an assistant director of television at Radio-Canada, CBC and RDI. In that capacity, he participated in the broadcast of both the Athens and Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Ever fond of the written word, he went on to develop his skills as a translator from English to French prior to starting work with Francisation InterGlobe. After being our Office Manager, Director of Web Strategy and Special Projects, as well as Director of Marketing, Mathieu is today Vice President.

Mathieu can be reached by phone at 514-544-4946, 1-888-509-2722, or 438-397-4449, or via email at

You can also read an interview with Mathieu as part of our Successful Translation Management series.

Lyne Ayotte, Project Portfolio Manager

Lyne Ayotte plays the vital role of ensuring Francisation InterGlobe delivers projects on time and on budget to the satisfaction of our clients. As such, she diligently manages projects and the work of team members who deliver it.

Lyne gained her experience over more than a decade working as marketing senior advisor and project manager at various national law firms.

Lyne can be reached by phone at 1-855-954-2929, or by email at

Vincent Roy, Senior Reviser

Vincent Roy wears many hats at Francisation InterGlobe. He ensures that all of Francisation InterGlobe’s work meets our high standards by supervising project plans and the work of his team of translators.

Vincent brings more than 20 years experience in magazine publishing to the team. As the editor–in–chief of the monthly magazine, Rénovation–Bricolage, and translator for many craftsman tool companies, he has a unique expertise in woodworking and home improvement.

Vincent can be reached by phone at 514-544-4946 or 1-888-509-2722, and by email at

Guy Boutin, Head of Translation

In his role as Head of Translation at Francisation InterGlobe, Guy Boutin supervises all translation and adaptation work relating to the projects for which he is responsible. As well as overseeing the team of translators and writers, his work involves providing coaching and assistance to those carrying out the various translation and adaptation assignments.

During a career spanning over 25 years in the fields of editing, translation and adaptation, Guy has often worked with major firms in the retail sector, particularly the Hudson’s Bay Company, Consumers Distributing and Electrolux Canada. In combination with a parallel career as a freelancer, this rich and varied experience has allowed Guy to hone his skills and acquire an uncommon degree of mastery of his field. Guy is also an OTTIAQ certified translator.

Guy can be reached by phone at 514-544-4946 or 1-888-509-2722, and by email at